Yoned Farm seeks to produce high quality milk from high quality cattle in such a way that provides an acceptable standard of living for all involved in the operation. We hope to provide a viable operation that will continue to function for the next generation of owners. Our goal is to be good stewards of the land and the cattle with which we have been entrusted and ultimately we desire to give glory to God, who has given us this opportunity.

Husband and wife team Yon and Alice Lindborg own Yoned Farm in Union Mills. Established by Yon’s father in the spring of 1955, Yoned Farm has milked cows at this location ever since, except for 6 months in 2005 during after a fire destroyed the milking parlor. The Lindborgs had to find another place to milk their cows while they rebuilt the parlor. Yoned Farm has 300 milk cows and 300 replacement heifers and farms 1200 acres to provide feed for their animals. The farm employs seven excellent people to accomplish all the work that comes with the cattle and the land. Yon is a veterinarian by trade, and now uses those same animal care skills to work on the farm and care for Yoned’s cows. Alice manages the calf-rearing, getting the baby calves off to a flying start.

The Lindborgs welcome all visitors and are happy to show them all the activities which are part of producing fresh quality milk.