Linda Weaver's
Mac & Cheese


2 lbs. of elbow macaroni

1 ½ sticks of butter

2 lbs. Velveeta Cheese

milk to desired texture

salt & pepper to taste


Cook and drain the macaroni and place in a large baking pan.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Add butter and Velveeta, cut up. Sometimes I add a little more cheese if it needs it. I like mine to taste very cheesy.

Add all ingredients together in pan.

Pour milk over the top to make it as creamy as you want.

Stir and put in the oven.

Bake at 375 for 45 minutes to one hour. My family and grandkids love it!

Weaver Dairy Farm has a long history in Switzerland and Ohio counties. Franklin and Rodger Weaver's parents, Russell and Olive, bought the farm where Franklin and his wife, Linda, live today in 1944. Russell and Olive chose that location because it was close to family members and the local store — Olive didn't know how to drive a car and Russell was about to leave to serve in World War II.

The Weaver family purchased another farm one and half miles away in 1983, and this is where their 130 dairy cows live today. They farm 750 acres of corn, soybeans and hay. The Weavers raise their own replacement heifers (young females who will grow up to be dairy cows) and also have 35 beef cows. Rodger and his son Scott run the dairy operation with the help of a full-time herdsman and four part-time employees. Franklin takes care of the young animals.

The family has an impressive, decades-long commitment to community involvement with family members serving on their dairy cooperative board, Farm Bureau Board, sheriff merit board, school board, and county fair board, which between Franklin, Russell and Linda add up to more than 152 years of service on the various boards. Franklin and Rodger were recognized by the Switzerland County Soil and Water Conservation District as the Conservation Farmers of the Year in 2013.