Stutzman Dairy Farm was founded in 1937, although back then it was owned by Sam T. and Mary Bontrager.

Today, the Bontragers’ granddaughter, Velda, and her husband, Harry Stutzman Jr. run the farm. Harry and Velda bought the farm from Velda’s aunt Katie in 1980. Six adult family members, eight grandchildren and two employees are involved in running the farm.

The Stutzmans milk 150 cows, mostly the black-and-white Holsteins with a few brown Jerseys or Holstein-Jersey crosses. The family grows corn and hay, all of which is fed to their animals.

The Stutzman family is Amish, and so farms using nine draft horses. The farm is not hooked up the electrical grid, so the milking equipment and refrigeration for the milk tank is run on a diesel generator.

The Stutzmans live just outside of Shipshewana, Indiana, a popular tourist destination in northern Indiana’s “Amish Country.” The Stutzman farm is one of the options to tour through Buggy Lane Tours, a company that offers horse-and-buggy rides around the Shipshewana area. Because of the Stutzmans’ faith, visitors are asked to please not take photos of the family members. Photos of the farm and animals are absolutely encouraged.