Refuel Drink


1 cup milk

1 cup ice

2 scoops of whey protein

Chocolate syrup, to taste


Blend together in a blender until ice is crushed.

Drink to refuel, recover and build muscle after weightlifting or other exercise.

Schwoeppe Dairy Farm is truly a family affair, with three generations milking and taking care of their cows. Darren and Sam Schwoeppe are the fourth generation of dairy farmers to live and work on this picturesque farm in southern Indiana. Darren’s mom helps with the milking and Darren and Sam’s two boys are also continuing the tradition of growing up and working on the farm.

The Schwoeppes milk about 93 dairy cows — mostly the cow-spotted Holsteins but they also have two Brown Swiss. The family raises 150 acres of hay to help feed their cows. The family sells some of their female calves to other dairy farmers — the Schwoeppes’ heifers are in demand because their cows tend to live very long lives.

The family is involved in 4-H (Sam has been a 4-H club leader for 20 years!), Farm Bureau, Southwest Indiana Holstein Club, and the Wrestling Booster Club (the Schwoeppe boys were both in high school wrestling).