Ice Cream


2 Tbsp vanilla

2 ¼ cups sugar    

¾ tsp salt

1 ½ cup cream

1 ½ qt whole milk

1 lg. can evaporated milk

2 pkg unflavored gelatin

1 package Hidden
Valley Ranch
original salad
dressing mix


Combine milk and sugar, then scald.

Dissolve gelatin in ½ cup water.

Put dissolved gelatin into scalded mixture.
Stir until dissolved well.

Add remaining ingredients.

Cool. Freeze.

Hibschman and Holsteins have been synonymous in the Syracuse area since 1929 when Clee Hibschman, became a member of the National Holstein Association. The farm is now owned by Clee’s grandson, Joe. With Joe’s son Roger and several grandchildren involved, the farm is now in its fifth generation dairy farming with pedigreed Holsteins.

The goal of Clee and his two sons, Leonard and Oliver, was to breed better Holstein cattle. In 1937 they hosted the first Elkhart County Holstein show in a pasture field on their farm. After marrying, both sons started their own herds within 1 ½ miles from Clee. Oliver purchased land in 1943 and established the dairy farm were we still reside. Over the years, Oneeda Farms has grown from 16 cows in a stanchion barn, to 56 cows in comfort stalls, to the present 200 cow drive-through barn with a modern milking parlor that can milk 16 cows at a time.

In 1977, Oneeda received its first of 21 Progressive Breeders Registry awards — a highly competitive award given to very few farms with top-quality, pedigreed Holstein cows. Joe has also received the Indiana Master Breeder Award. Oneeda’s Holsteins have as much invested in their family trees as any dog at the Westminster Kennel Club or any horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Over the years, the Hibschmans have tried to improve the land using conservation practices such as waterways, crop rotation, and using a cover crop to protect our soil during the non-producing months of the year. The Hibschmans use a nutritionist to develop the perfect feed for the cows while using some pasture and provide certain elements for cow comfort.

The farm family is dedicated to their cows, and likes to say, “We don’t just keep Holsteins — they keep us!”