The Metzger family has been in the farming business since the mid-1930s. John Metzger started farming in 1934, and eventually his son Jack along with his wife Mary Metzger started the dairy operation in 1960, and since then their two sons John and Jack (Dutch) have taken it over. In May of 1993, John and Dutch began expanding the farm. The Metzgers were milking about 900 cows in 2008, when the fire broke out in the milking parlor.

Since then, they have had to rebuild and add on. They added a new milking parlor which can milk 40 cows at a time, and along with that we have added several new barns, and expanded the herd. The Metzgers currently have 1,588 milk cows, however only 1,392 are actually going through the parlor three times a day. (The other cows are “dry” what dairy farmers call the period of time when a cow is not being milked, but is relaxing for two months before she has a new baby calf.)

The Metzgers also raise their own heifers which total up to 1,570, and are also starting to keep all bull calves which currently total up to 1, 072. The farm also produces many different types of crops, which most are fed back to the cows. The crops that they grow and use as feed are as follows: hay, silage corn, sorghum sudan grass, wheatlage, ryeleage, high moisture corn, etc. They also grow soybeans, wheat, and some corn that we sell.

Both of John’s daughters have recently came back home to the farm to work as well. Ashton started working here as the accountant/secretary after college in December of 2013, Carmen started in December 2014 after she graduated. Due to the expansion the family are able to create more opportunities for employment. The farm currently has twenty other full-time employees and three part-time employees besides the four family members who work on the farm.

Currently, the farm is in the process of further expansion on many different levels. The main thing they are working on now is bringing in the next generation. The Metzgers are adding a two hundred head heifer stall barn at one of our other locations and are also in the process of adding a new manure storage facility, and another barn to our main location. The family hopes that with an extra barn we will be able to provide a better environment for the animals. With this further expansion there is a possibility that the farm will be adding more jobs.

The Metzgers say their dairy has quite a lot of character to it because they have many different types of buildings from over the years that they are still currently using. Two of them were the original barns that were built when Jack and Mary first started. The family is looking into updating some of the barns.