Dairy Fact: Some dairy cows have mattresses or even water beds to nap on while they relax in the barn, protected from the hot sun and cold weather.

Huber Dairy Farm has been in existence for 55 years. Three generations work on this family farm in central Indiana. The Hubers have about 70 cows and replacement heifers on the farm. Replacement heifers are young female animals who will become dairy cows when they grow up. The family also raises 900 acres of corn, beans and hay.

The family has always tried to work with FFA, 4-H groups and school groups by hosting the groups on the farm and explaining how milk is produced and how the Hubers care for their animals. Keith Huber said the family attempts to keep their priorities in the correct place — God, family, cows. Keith said the family strives to achieve high-quality milk production, strong family ties and faith in their Creator