Motto: Crystal Valley Dairy Farms takes a holistic approach to food production. We believe that healthy soils produce healthy plants, which provide high quality nutrition to the cows, resulting in healthy cows producing excellent quality food products. Our year-round focus on soil management and cropping programs are the foundation to our success. By fully utilizing the farm’s resources of manure, good soils, irrigation and cover crops, we have significantly reduced or eliminated the use of commercial fertilizers and crop protection products.
We believe in working with nature, not against nature.

Mike and Rhonda Yoder are owners of Crystal Valley Dairy Farms in Middlebury, Indiana.

Mike graduated from Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology in 1974 and after five years working on a Michigan dairy farm, he returned to the his family’s farm in Middlebury to start a new dairy with 30 registered Holsteins and one new wife, Rhonda. In 1989, a new free-stall barn was built and the herd expanded to 130 cows.

In 1998, Mike entered into a partnership with a neighboring dairy farmer --Mike Lee. They founded the Udder Guys Co. LLC and Crystal Valley Dairy Farms. The new partnership expanded the facilities with an additional 400-cow free-stall barn and the milking herd was expanded to 450 cows. The crop farming enterprise grew to around 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans.

In 2007, the Udder Guys partnership was dissolved. Mike Yoder remains as owner of the dairy operation, Crystal Valley Dairy Farms. The farming operation now includes 265 acres of corn and hay, milking 450 cows and raising 500 head of replacements or young cattle. The day to day operations are managed and accomplished by John Hochstetler and the dedicated work of 6 full-time employees. Mike’s wife Rhonda is a full-time vocal music teacher at Jefferson Elementary School and in addition to farming Mike serves the community as a County Commissioner.

Crystal Valley Dairy Farm enjoys hosting an average of 100 elementary students every year from local public school corporations and has been included as a stop in tours organized by a local home school organization. In addition, last year the farm worked with a teacher starting a summer education experience for small groups of students. The experience included an opportunity to milk a cow and drive a tractor.