Dairy Fact: Indiana is number two in ice cream production in the U.S. — only one state makes more ice cream.

The Crosby family has been milking cows since 1932, when George Crosby’s father bought land outside Greensburg and started a dairy farm. Now, George and his two sons, Tom and Don, milk 60 Holstein and Jersey cows. The Crosbys have accumulated several different properties in the area over the years where they can grow crops and house cattle that aren’t being milked. The main farm and milking parlor were built in 1968.

The Crosbys raise their own replacement heifers (young females who will grow up to be milk cows) and steers, which will be used for beef production. The family raises feed for their cattle and are seed dealers for Beck’s Hybrids seed corn. The Crosbys also have diversified into retail, and own a shop in Greensburg called Crosby Vet Supply that sells veterinary and animal care products. Tom Crosby is involved in the leadership of the farm’s milk marketing cooperative, Foremost Farms.